Leaks in public spaces can create numerous health and safety risks for both visitors and staff. These risks not only include slips, trips and falls for the public, it also puts businesses and organisations at risk of liability claims.

We created SlipStop® – a wide funnel leak collector – an innovative solution created to manage risk within hazardous areas.

  • The leaking water is funnelled into the SlipStop® Collect bucket, which contains the SlipStop® Absorb Liner, and means water is absorbed, removing the hazard.

  • SlipStop not only manages risks more effectively, but provides a much tidier and more professional appearance.

  • The SlipStop Cone, for high traffic pedestrian areas, can also be stacked for efficient storage, and has an integral funnel.

  • SlipStop 65 can be flat packed for convenient storage.

  • Wide funnel design effectively collects leaks and can be used in conjunction with another SlipStop® to increase coverage further.

  • Picture3.png

    SlipStop 65

    • Mitigates the slip hazard

    • Fast and efficient - easy to carry, simple to open

    • Discrete tidy appearance

    • Wide funnel design effectively collects leaks

    • Flatpacks for easy storage

    • Comes with SlipStop Collector Bucket

  • 46-038 SlipStop Cone.jpg

    SlipStop Cone

    • Designed for maximum visibility in zones with high footfall

    • Robust, eye-catching, one-piece unit reduces chance of being knocked over

    • Fast and efficient - easy to carry, simple to deploy

    • Stackable for easy storage

    • Comes with SlipStop Collector Bucket

  • 35-182 SlipStop Absorb Liner.JPG

    SlipStop Absorb Liner

    • Roll of 20 liners, each with integrated pad pre-packed in the liner

    • Liner is compatible with SlipStop Collector Bucket

    • Water is absorbed by the pad within the liner, removing the hazard

    • Can be left in place or deployed elsewhere until capacity reached

    • Absorbs over 2.5litre 

    • Simply remove liner and dispose through normal waste stream

  • Picture2.png

    SlipStop Collector

    • SlipStop Collector Bucket is designed to work with both SlipStop 65 and SlipStop Cone

    • Compatible with SlipStop Absorb Liner to create a hazard free system

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