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The Opera Trolley system has been designed by experts for safe, secure transportation of cleaning materials and tools, whilst presenting a superior professional image.

Embracing the very latest in tooling technologies, and adopting modern manufacturing methodologies, means we have a trolley system with sensational looks, that hides equipment from view, and ensures operatives benefit from ergonomic, comfortable and superior manoeuvrability.


Fully modular system including two base sizes means a wide variety of cleaning methods and can encompassed.


You can easily cover all your needs without multiple systems.

Safe and Quiet

Hazardous chemicals and expensive equipment can be safely secured. 

Low noise wheels and soft close covers


Smooth lines minimise dirt and bacteria, and pedal operated covers help to reduce cross contamination.

Operatives can run a colour coded, pre-dosed mopping system, for totally hygienic floor cleaning.

Strength and durability


Indestructible base made from high impact polymer, combined with strong aluminium frame ensures superior handling.


The unique double wall design of panels and doors have minimal flex and solid, quality feel, like a car door.

Public Areas

How do you achieve top results for daytime cleaning without hindering other people? Patented silent wheels, neat, tidy aesthetics and a highly flexible, modular solution is the key!


Highly configurable and innovative design features, our trolleys can be uniquely configured to carry large quantities of materials, (e.g sheets, waste, cleaning materials) up to significant weight, without losing important attributes such as manoeuvrability, quiet operation and aesthetics.


Our trolley system is flexible and can be configured to your specific needs, and facilitate chosen cleaning methods, that enable the highest standard of cleanliness and contamination control.

Service Trolleys

Where easy access to materials is required, and products within easy reach is the priority, the Opera range can be configured without doors, with a customised choice of shelves and trays to suit.

Where great quality, sensational looks and ergonomic handling, but without the need for lockable security, this is your choice.

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