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The specialist tool for cleaning Escalator Risers quickly and effectively

Clean escalators project a positive image. The risers of an escalator are a familiar sight upon entering an airport, shopping centre or hotel. Our specialist tool RiserShine helps to clean and maintain escalator risers quickly and effectively.


RiserShine is made with strong but lightweight aluminium and composite material, helping minimise injury in use. It is simple to use, requires a single operative and is much faster and more cost effective than specialist machinery.

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Key Benefits

Reduce Cost

  • Much lower purchase cost than specialist machinery.

  • QuadStretch Woven Cloth lasts over 500 washes reducing consumable cost.

  • Much faster than using a machine or ‘hand and scourer’.

  • Only a single operative required which maximises productivity.


Ease of Use

  • Simple to use – no need for extensive training.

  • Does not require electrical power.

  • Match pad profile to riser brand to ensure efficient clean.

  • Easy to store and transport.

Reduce Risk

  • Made with strong but lightweight aluminium and composite materials - minimises strain injury in use.

  • Foaming cleaner is applied to cloth - keeps cleaning fluid away from escalator mechanism.

  • Enables quick response to spills – reduces chance of accidents.



Composite Fiberglass Handle ensure maximum strength whilst also being lightweight. It is also corrosion proof and impervious to most chemicals. 

Rubber Strip on the head protects the aluminium from damaging the escalator riser in use. 

Stiff Bristle Head ensures that intricate escalator tread corners are reached, and the toughest grime build-up is easily removed.

The patented RiserShine™ Profiled Cassette is available in four different specialist profiles for each escalator tread pattern. Colour coded profiles ensure the correct escalator tread match.

The cassette is easily removable from the RiserShine™ head and clips on in one easy action.

QuadStretch™ Woven Cloth is specially developed to enables stretching in all directions to conform to the profiled cassette and remove all dirt from the riser.

It simply wraps around the cassette and is secured by two Velcro strips enabling quick and simple removal after cleaning.

It is 100% washable and each Quadstretch™ cloth can be washed over 500 times.

RiserShine Kit.jpg

RiserShine Starter Kit

Kit includes:

1no RiserShine Cleaning Tool

1no Spare Cassette

1no Pk 5 QuadStretch Woven Cloth

1no Foaming Cleaning Concentrate

2no Escalator Safety Hanging Signs


QuadStretch Woven Cloth

Specialist cloth that conforms to the profile of the escalator, giving optimum performance.

Can be washed over 500 times

Supplied in pack of 5 cloths

RiserShine heads.webp

RiserShine Cassette

Four RiserShine™ profiled colour coded cassettes are available to fit the common brands:





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